To all the men out there!
Join our Journey to Freedom
and discover the better man
inside of you
Kevin Billett invites all men to Journey Man,
a powerful non-residential workshop only for men
23 - 25 October
Mennorode Conference Centre, Elspeet

Do you have doubts whether the retreat is right for you ?
If you answer at least one of the questions with yes, it definitely is! 

  • Do you sometimes feel that life is an impossible-to-navigate minefield full of mixed messages about who and what you are or should be as a man?
  • Are you sometimes confused about your real sense of self, your identity or your role as a contemporary male?
  • Do you ever feel disempowered, aimless … hurt by or angry with life or those you love?
Yes, our 3 day non-residential retreat is the right choice for you.
Free yourself from doubts and respect the man you are.
Access your highest potential and discover how to:
Achieve deepest desires without
compromising family life or sending
blood pressure soaring.
Reconcile the seemingly opposite
pulls of healthily expressed
masculinity and emotional
openness or availability.
Achieve balance and wholeness in
career, relationships, sexuality and
Undo the pain of boyhood
conditioning and stop playing the
games of self-sabotage and
destruction that cost so dearly in life.